Preparing students for life after school, by equipping  them with the tools required to thrive in any circumstance.

Resilience has become the buzzword of the last few years. Resilience is about trying to hold on and bounce back to where you were prior to the adversity that you faced. But what if instead of just trying to get back to where our previous threshold was, we were able to adapt and create more opportunities out of any situation. With the events of the last few years that we've all experienced, the levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty in students, as I'm sure you've seen, has continued to rise and the messaging isn't working for these kids.

Teaching has become more challenging. A large chunk of wellbeing programs are great at providing information and motivation but drop the ball when it comes to follow up and tangible action steps moving forward. We provide high school students with an Adaptability Toolkit™️. Tools that are specific to helping them create their personal Adaptability Action Plan™️ (AAP). The AAP allows them to have a dynamic resource to constantly refer to, ensuring they become more adaptable, seek more opportunities and begin to thrive in all areas of their lives. 

Having more adaptable students, who are great responders and opportunity seekers, will allow an environment that benefits the student, teacher and school. The positive impact this can play on the rest of a students life also allows parents the piece of mind that their kids are going to be able to flourish.

The Adaptability Process:



A workshop which is the first step in your students Adaptability journey.



A series of workshops, that invest holistically into each student, allowing them to become more adaptable and thrive in any situation that comes their way.



Contact us to discuss the type of program you would like delivered and we can work with you to ensure we get the best program created for your students.



The Survival Skills 4 Modern Life (SS4ML) workshop is the first step in the students adaptability journey. It opens the door to a more adaptable world where students can begin to learn how to create more opportunities in all areas of their lives.

Students will learn about the importance of developing strong communities and support networks in their lives. They will learn practical tools which they can implement in all areas of their life so that in any situation they maximise their effectiveness and reach their full potential. 

Tools focused on in SS4ML:

1.  Great Responder

When challenges inevitably come their way, student learn to adapt so that they can find solutions and problem solve.
2. Self Care
Student learn how to constantly regenerate and recover to look after themselves physically and mentally. Good habits and routines allow them to develop a greater capacity to take care of themselves and be there for other when needed.
3. Self Sufficiency 
Students learn about the difference between unhealthy and healthy dependencies and where in life they can take more control of their own destiny. By increase independencies and reducing unhealthy dependencies, we teach them to become more self sufficiency and be able to adapt to situations as needed.
4. Growth Mindset

When students are more open to new opportunities and experiences, they are able to make things happen, rather than waiting for them to come to them. They're able to explore new opportunities and keep an open mind in all situations.

What's included?

3 Hour Interactive Workshop
(In-person / Online) 
Adaptability workbook & follow-up resources
Access to The Adaptability Movement Online Community 
$2,000 + GST


Once we have laid the foundations from the Survival Skill 4 Modern Life workshop, we then start to take a deeper look into the individuals themselves.

Through a series of workshops, we invest holistically into the students so they can become more adaptable in the 4 major areas we have identified as having the biggest impact on their lives.

The areas we place a specific focus on for these students are but not limited to:

1) Exploring the opportunities and passions of each student to help them begin to create an unrivaled plan for their future career options.

2) Learning how to build deeper, more meaningful relationships & creating support networks around them to ensure they reach their full potential.

3) Developing a greater understanding and knowledge of health & wellbeing so they can gain control of their bodies, their future & supercharge their lives.

4) Understanding what a growth mindset is and how to become adaptable no matter what life throws at them, so they can see the opportunities in all situations.

What's Included?

4x Interactive Workshops* 
Adaptability workbook & follow-up resources
Access to The Adaptability Movement Online Community 
Support & Guidance From Our Team

*Can be delivered across 4 sessions, 2 half day sessions or 1 full day session

$6,400 + GST